About us

NIVO Outdoors, formerly TerraForma Outdoor Solutions, was born from a desire to solve one of the more intractable problems facing campers these days; uneven terrain.  About a decade ago, I was selling my art work at music festivals around the country.  As I walked around the campgrounds I began to realize two things: camping furniture was starting to resemble home furnishings in comfort and features and no chair manufacturer had addressed the issue of uneven terrain. Since no one else was solving that problem, I decided to do it myself!

With the help of a great engineer, Fred Heys, the TerrraChair came into being in late 2014 and we've been selling them at festivals ever since.  Our Asheville NC location is the perfect spot to bring our unique product into being.  Located in the Blue Ridge Mountains of western North Carolina it's filled with outdoor enthusiasts of all stripes looking for fun and relaxation.

Stay in touch either by phone or email and let us know when you're coming our way or stop by our booth at our next festival.


Paul Mazzola